After questionable check at NOWAK: DEB

Toni Söderholm decided to kick off to the formations as in the only training game in Beijing against Slovakia on Monday (5: 3). Lean Bergmann was appointed as a 13th striker, Marcel Brandt acted as a seventh defender. Not used next to Keeper Danny from the birches also defended Dominik Bittner and attacker Nico cramp.

After unexpected check: Deb team with horror start

After aware of the first almost five minutes, the kick-off of the playing of Beijing for the German team became a true horror-third: In the 5th minute Marco Novak became behind his own goal of Eric O’dell with a violent check against his head Brought to the ground. Instead of a possibly great punishment against the Canadian striker followed the 0: 1 immediately. Defender Alex Grant met with a hidden shot with the help of the indoor post.

The German team then lost the thread afterwards, was usually a step too late against nounious North Americans. A double strike middle of the first section worsened the situation from a German point of view. Del-Profi Ben Street Overwall Mathias Niederberger in the 10th minute with a direct spout in the angle, only 34. Seconds later, Daniel Winnik increased to two-on-one situation 3: 0 (11th). Only then did the silver medal winner of Pyeongchang began a little bit. Multiple PowerPlays remained unused.

to Rieder-Gate: Canada ice cold in the Powerplay

Without NOWAK, who tasted for a short time after the fierce check, it was once again in the middle of the dents of the DEB team. The efficiency with a man more lacked. Nevertheless, Germany designed the game now balanced – and could finally shorten in the 30th minute: Tobias Rieder achieved the first German tournamentator in Beijing in a margin.

But only a good two minutes later, the hopes for a possible comeback received a quick damper. Because Maxim Noreau was enough to overcome four seconds to overcome Niederberger with a placed but unsteadable shot from the blue line – 4: 1 (33.).

Memories of Pyeongchang

Canada understood it in the final third – as well as long distances of the game previously – outstanding to hold the Deb team of clear degrees. In total, the “maple leaves” worked runner and mentally a tick present than the Germans at this Beijing evening. So the game splashed largely unappealed to the end. The only exception: The well-played hits of Jordan Weal to the 5: 1 final score (52.).

Harry Potter: Hermione Growth Spurt - SNL

With regard to the group victory in Group A, which promises a play-free qualification Tuesday, Germany had to accept a severe setback by the start-up defeat. However, even with three precursor defeats, a quarterfinal feed is possible. So the DEP team already had the preliminary round four years ago in Pyeongchang after defeats against Finland and Sweden (2: 5, 0: 1) and only one victory after penalty shooting against Norway (2: 1) with only two of nine possible counters.

Statistics for the game:

Canada – Germany 5: 1 (3: 0, 1: 1, 1: 0)


Pasquale (Tomkins) – Power, Robinson; Barberio, the; Wotherspoon, Noreau; Grant – Mctavish, Staal, Ho Sang; Tambellini, Weal, Knight; Street, O’Dell, Johnson; Winnik, Desharnis, Cracknell; McBain.


Niederberger (Brückmann) – Wagner, Holzer; J. Müller, Abelshauser; M. Müller, Nowak; Brandt – Tiffels, Loibl, Kahun; Nobels, Rieder, Pfäderl; ECHLLL, Hager, Kühnhackl; Plachta, Pietta, Wolf; Bergmann.

Goals: 1: 0 (4:43) Grant (Johnson, Street), 2: 0 (9:47) Street (O’Dell, Johnson), 3: 0 (10:19) Winnik (Cracknell, Desharnis), 3: 1 (30:45) Rieder (Pfäderl, Nobels), 4: 1 (32:58) Noreau (O’Dell, Staal) PP, 5: 1 (51:22) Weal (Tamblini, Knight).

Peefs: Canada 8 – Germany 4.

Referee: Björk (Sweden), Brugeman (USA).

Viewers: 685.

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