“Enjoy the extreme”: Lion Räßer triumphs in the “Maracana” of the ski port

Triumph at the Olympic General Sample: Linus Stress Rest in floodlight in Claiming to his third World Cup victory.

Linus St raster screamed his unbridled joy in the Claiming Night sky – once, twice, three times. The best after the first run stood up at the legendary planar. However, when the Olympic Support under Floodlight a favorite after the other failed and also the Swede Kristopher Jacobsen on the second (!) Torus, there was no stopping for Stress. Third victory in the World Cup – and that’s so short before Beijing!

I’ve tried to pull my thing, which really succeeded me, said the Munich in Br, to stay with me and my skiing, I enjoy the extreme. Expert Felix Reuther was full of praise: He’s so smart dangers in the second round. Great race, great sport – with a deserved winner.

In the Maracanã Stadium of the ski port (Reuther) that was not possible yet. Armin Bittner triumphed in 1990 at a normal slalom in Claiming, Reuther drove in 2013 to WM-Silver and a total of three times the World Cup Sticker – but never at the top.

At the TV, Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann pressed at Absolute Observation for Me and Thomas Müller ( Get the A…. )! ) The thumb and roads driving for local rivals in 1860 seemed to be inspired. For the 29-year-old, it was the seventh drive to the podium, the second in this winter after third place in Adelaide on January 9th.

Stressed after passing one more fifth

He had previously won the Slalom in Zagreb last year and the City Event 2017 in Stockholm. Nevertheless, in the slalom at the winter games in Beijing on 16 February, he is now one of the candidates on a medal.

Tiny 0.03 seconds he lay on the demanding slope in front of the young Norwegian Able Lie McGrath. Manuel Feller (+0,39), just recovered from a corona infection, with his catch-up of 28th place to three the 1000 Austrian fans cheer.

Stress had a certain pretence as he betrayed. Yes, most recently, he did not go well with the out of Wen gen and rank 14 on the Schoenberg in Kitzbühel. But when driving to the Planar, someone had to refuel him: The G’Winner today, Stress! Said, done – and how!

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After the first pass, Stress had the podium as a fifth with a narrow residue of 0.15 seconds in third place already in view. I did exactly what I had done, he said satisfied, Cool Run. In the second round he wanted to pull down again exactly something, then it looks good – and that did.

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