Scan QR code: FBI warns of carefree handling and gives crucial tip

Check in places, retrieve test results, read certificates: At the latest with the Corona pandemic, people worldwide have become accustomed to QR codes. That’s how criminals take advantage of it.

Berlin / Washington (DPA) – no matter whether digital or on paper: When using QR codes, trust must not be limitless.

QR code Scan: FBI warns of carefree handling and gives crucial tip

In principle, the quadratic pixel codes can also be manipulated or already created with fraudulent intentions, warns the US law enforcement authority FBI (all service news on retrieve test).

Cybercriminals tried to pilot their victims with the help of QR codes on fake websites. There, however, credentials for services and accounts as well as sensitive financial information are stolen or payments, such as crypto money transactions, redirected.

QR code Scan: FBI warns of malicious software from the perpetrator

It may also be that QR codes will initiate the download and installation of malware, which gets the perpetrators access to the device and the user’s data.

So that you are not tapped in a QR code case, the FBI gives the following tips:

A well-known or a well-known has apparently sent a QR code? Or a company in which you have recently purchased something, is notified by e-mail because of an allegedly failed payment and now requires a renewed payment via QR code?

In both cases better to the handset and direct inquiries, whether the respective message is real. Attention: Do not take the phone number of a company from the e-mail because they could be falsified. Better go via a search engine on the site of the company and search for a contact number.

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