Shock for football zwerg: Comoros Before Africa Cup of Africa Cup with Corona

The national team of the Comoros is braked after the sensational feeder to the second round of the Africa Cup by a Corona outbreak. As the National Association announced on Saturday, a total of twelve players and staff members were positively tested, including coach Amir About and the two single goalkeepers in the squad: Riyadh Sussex and Ali Ahumada.

On the next Monday evening, the Comoran should actually compete in the second round of the continental tournament against host Cameroon, it would be a premiere in the football history of the island States.

The organizers informed about the further procedure initially. The rules of the African umbrella organization CAF generally provide that a team must compete if at least eleven players have a negative corporate test. If no goalkeeper is available, a field player must step in. On Saturday night, the Comoros completed a training session.

We try everything in our power to find solutions, said Manager Al-Hakam Hi midi in a video of the association at Twitter: But without our coach, without some key players and, above all, without our two remaining goalkeepers, the situation is very much complicated.

According to the news agency AFP, nine of the twelve affected belong to the game room. The Comoros had made the entry into the K.O. Round as third parties and thrown the three times Africa master Ghana (3: 2) from the tournament.

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The Comoros are a small island state north of Madagascar, they have around 870,000 inhabitants.

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