Bremen against all resistances: “Pull our thing through”

The victory hit by Over Torah in this loud coach of both clubs Vogelwilde game in Paderborn had just fallen, but Ole Werner preferred after a first cheering again the many joyful faces and if anyone has seen anything seen. The previous game course had given the coach of the SV Welder Bremen all the occasion; A total of three hits had been taken to date the recognition of the referee’s span. But this time Werner felt the reaction of the 4th official as unmistakable.

question: sick

The goal counted. The winning streak held, for the fifth time in a row. Welder will conclude the 20th match day in the 2nd league on the relegation place – this knowledge of the game, the SCP coach Lukas Kwasniok also described as sick, almost to the minor matter. Although Werner has also found that the constellation in the upper part of the table gradually represents something narrower and we are here – but he also stressed: You see how much it hangs on little things and how much can be decisive can. We are well advised to do not very much to care about the table.


Welder defies all adverse circumstances

To some actual random actions led in this memorable Saturday afternoon, especially the slippery runner in the Paderborn Bentley Arena. The lawn (if one wanted to call him as such) had quite influenced, said Werner, but important is that you can handle it. And in the current constitution, it makes the impression that the SV Welder is not a resistance too big.

There would be the penalty of Sven Michel, which was actually held by Keeper Jeri Pavlenska, which was repeated because of a very small play guide of Tobias Well, and the 0: 1 meant. There would be two – right away for ways of Alex positions – Tore of Marvin Duck sch. There would be the interim 1: 3-residue for a madness gate (Werner) from about 40 meters from Paderborn Felix plate – and a supposed feeling: maybe it should not stop in Paderborn with that fifth victory in a row… anyway The Bremen turned the game again.

It was significant that we quickly make the connection goal to 2: 3. That we can overcome such situations to believe in us and continue through our thing.

Ole Werner

It was important that we quickly make the ballot to 2: 3, said Werner and referred to the Bremen’s main knowledge, that we can overcome such situations to believe in us and continue our thing. The fact that the manner of the conclusion of this 4: 3 victory could act beyond the usual concomitants of a normal success also keeps the Welder trainer for possible: That has a high value – if you handle it correctly.

What Werner says: The Welder winning streak continues not to continue by alone, either by this demonstration of morality in Paderborn. We have to wear ourselves, he said, because they bend therefore next time not automatically a residue. Of greater importance is at all the realization that the team that can.

Currently, she seems to be able to do so much.

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