LOL: This is the new format of the 2022 flavored flavor

La Liga Latin America confirmed the new format for the playoffs. Eduardo Areas, leading product developments detailed seeking to give a boost to the competitive level League of Legends.

Through a special video, the arrival of the double elimination was confirmed to LA Aperture 2022 . This is a format that is key winners and losers, where the high table can dream of a second life in the race for the trophy. While the low table and losers of the top key have to survive in all five best . Considering the size of the league (eight teams), there are six spaces for the playoffs. In total, they expect a maximum of 40 games over the second phase.

The regular season remains intact: double round-robin one of the best . There will be no Pentagon death, that as a result of feedback from both fans and teams. What it does, the position in the points table remain significant: 1st place can choose between 3 and 4 °for first encounter in the key winners. 2nd place will face with the remaining equipment. 5 and 6 start from the key losers.

In total, there will be eight games over eight competitive days. The distribution is as follows:

  • Game 1 (key winners): 1st place vs. 3rd / 4th place
  • Game 2 (key winners): 2nd place vs. place 3/4
  • Game 3 (key losers): 5th place vs. 6th place
  • Game 4 (key losers): Loser Match 1/2 (lower seed) vs. Winner Game 3
  • Game 5 (final winners): 1 vs. Winner Match 2
  • Game 6 (key losers): Loser Match 1/2 (higher seed) vs. Winner Game 4
  • Game 7 (final losers): vs. Loser Game 5 Winner Match 6
  • Grand Final: Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Match 7

Another thing that remains is the system of annual points. With them, the LA determines the two worst teams must fight for their place in the 2023 edition by Promotion / Relegation . Despite early rumors implementation franchise, it seems that the rise and decline will continue for another year.

On international, it is expected that the champion of the Aperture plays the Mid-Season Invitational 2022 . Riot Games has not commented on the matter, but the intention is to keep the calendar of 2021. Same as MSI had a World Championship and League of Legends in Europe.

ALL 2021 will begin on 29 January.

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