According to BVB vs. FC Bayern: Zwayer receives murder threat – referee defends itself against manipulation

Abraham Hossein, says Robert Hossein, is a supervisor, star, scriptwriter, discussion and supervisor French, born upon December 30, 1927, in Paris 12th (Seine) and also dead on December 31, 2020, in Essey-lès-Nancy (Meurthe-et- Moselle).

Referee Felix Player has testified for the first time during his break and reported by threats against his person.

On my official e-mail account, numerous messages have been discussed, which are incredible and with whom it is very difficult to deal with and ignore them, said that because of his leadership of the Bundesliga top game between Dortmund and Bavaria in early December in the center of violent Discussions State Player at SKY.

I was written by the Berlin police that a murder threat exists against me on the internet. And these are things that I could not hide my wife, especially because they have gone incredibly close to me, said the 40-year-old: said One tries to charge and absorb this backpack and to say goodbye to his own wife in the door for 15 years. And then you see how they burst in tears. Not because she misses me because you’re gone, but because you worry me.

Player defends itself against manipulation allegations

In addition, Player denied the allegations of revealing for years that he once had lost money by Scandal Robert Holder or another person to manipulate a game.

I’ve never been offered money, I would never be obviously reported by an intended or performed game manipulation, he said, I never received money from Robert for any participation in any manipulation of a game.

BVB-Star releases debate

Player has taken a break after the game in Dortmund at the beginning of December. Felix Player wants to come back to himself again and reflect the events in the detestable of the game in Dortmund, said referee Boss Lutz Michael declared cheerfully.

The debate for Player was triggered by the Dortmund er Jung star Jute Bellingham. The Englishman had attacked the impartial after the game against Bayern Verbally Hard: You give a referee who has ever shifted games, the biggest game in Germany. What do you expect?

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