Far Cry 6: Here is the 2nd DLC trailer with Pagan Minh, Troy Baker is in the square

It was last week: Ubisoft gave us more details on the 2nd DLC dedicated to Far Cry 6 and in which we found Pagan Mind, the big naughty of Far Cry 4. This time, we will be able to control it and the Leading in a mini-story that will allow us to know more about his person, his trauma and why he has become as nasty. The return of Pagan Mind, it is also the assurance of having Troy Baker dubbing, he who is now labeled Joel Miller from The Last of Us. Thanks to him, we will have all the depth of his actor game. To better understand this atypical character that is the villain of Far Cry 4, the well-cut cos tit back and glossy Golden Gun like never. Oh yes, it’s available today.

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