GENSHIN IMPACT ENKANOMIYA: Circulation Goals Overview Calmness Water

A brand-new location called Enkanomiya has actually been included in the video game in updating version 2.4 that has actually simply been released. To access this brand-new area in Trauma, you should finish a certain international mission. Here is How to complete the objective The Still Water’s Circulation in Genshin Impact.

The calm waters flow search overview in Genshin Impact

Total the world’s search bathed by the deep moon unlock The Still Water’s Flow. If you have actually not yet completed this, you can follow our comprehensive search guide to assess it swiftly.

As soon as this is done, speak to Suzuki at the Shelter Sangonomiya on Watatsumi Island. It is appropriate beside where you are standing if you utilize the teleportation path indicate arrive.

Enkanomiya Main Quest Guide | The Still's Water Flow Genshin Impact

Suzuki will certainly ask you to find 2 Trick Seals in two different places from the island. Fortunately, both are currently marked on the map. The initial is easier to accessibility, so we are starting there.


This first seal of the trick is exactly in the exact same location as the WatatSumi seal in Quest for Moon bathed Depths. 2 Ruin Protectors as well as 2 Damage Scouts will wait to trigger issues. Defeat the 4 enemies to securely grab the seal of the secret right here and also maintain the water calm streaming.

Keep in mind that mechanical adversaries like these do not have primary weak points, so you can eliminate them with any type of equipment that works finest for you.

Key Stealth of the Heart of Watatsumi: The Tranquility Water flow Look Overview

The second Vigil Secret is situated in the wonderful camera called the Heart of Watatsumi. It coincides room which contained the final seal in the void bathed by the moon, although the search score here remains in the middle of the ocean. The small entry to the cave can be located amongst the waterfalls bordering the Sangonomiya Shelter.

Here we show you where to discover the entryway to the heart of Watatsumi, in case you can not remember its exact area of the previous search:

Once within, two fattening Hydro gunners as well as Mirror Maiden will certainly be awaiting you to combat. Try to remove the hydroetillers initially, as they can heal various other opponents and also are a general inconvenience.

After winning the fight, she accumulates the Key Vigil in the center of the room to start the following component of The Still Water’s Circulation.

Triggers the churches and also enters enkanomiya

Most likely to the next 2 areas noted on the map to trigger the churches with Key Vigils. Simply stand following to the brilliant blue signs that are discovered on the churches to open them and also trigger them.

After activating both altars, he returns to Refuge Sangonomiya and talks with Suzuki once again. She will ultimately open up the entrance to Enkanomiya. All you need to do is now leap to the large swirl beneath to enter the new area.

To finish the mission The Still Water’s Circulation, you will need to venture even more deeply right into Enkanomiya. Pass the initial 2 caverns to enter an area that has a big door, which will then complete the search.

That’s all you need to find out about Exactly how to finish the mission The Still Water’s Circulation and enter Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact. Be certain to consult our wiki guide to obtain more suggestions, methods and also other useful details regarding the video game if you are searching for even more suggestions.

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