Genshin Impact Enkanomiya: All key locations of SEALS and SEALS

Genuine Impact is an actioning computer game established by Photo.

With a brand-new important location come new antiques to discover. Variation 2.4 offers the Submarine Kingdom of Enkanomiya, as well as there are numerous brand-new aspects to find there.

All the areas of Enkanomiya Key Vigil & Seal in Genshin Impact

The World Mission Still Water’s Circulation provides you to the vital stealth of Enkanomiya, and it ends up that they can be located throughout the brand-new area listed below Watatsumi Island.

Right here is a screenshot of each of them, extracted from GenshinimpactMap:

The only component of Enkanomiya where you will certainly not find seals is the beginning location to the west called the low belly of the serpent. Both Key Vigils in the middle of the sea are in fact on a concealed island that will certainly appear in front of you, however never ever on the map.

matching crucial stamps with stamps

The stamps are luminescent pictures tape-recorded in rock, really comparable to those seen in the altars in the goal flow of calm waters.

There are five different sorts of essential stamps in Enkanomiya, and also match to stamps. You have to correspond the photo of the seal by selecting a seal of your supply that looks the exact same. Doing this will damage the seal and will reward you with a prize for your efforts.

Below is an additional screenshot of GenshinimpactMap that shows you precisely where to search for those stamps after having actually accumulated all the crucial stamps:

With a new essential area come brand-new collectibles to find. Version 2.4 provides the Submarine Kingdom of Enkanomiya, as well as there are many brand-new aspects to find there. Here is the areas of all seals and vital stamps in the Enkanomiya region of Genshin Impact. There are five different types of key stamps in Enkanomiya, and also correspond to stamps.

That’s all you require understanding about Where to discover all the vital stealth of Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact. See to it, you check our wiki guide to get more ideas, techniques and helpful details regarding the game.


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Once again, both seals in the middle of the sea on top of the picture are also discovered on the covert island pointed out above.

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