Abuse Hungarian Swimmer Liliana Szilagyi complains father

Liliana Silage (born 19 November 1996) is a Hungarian swimmer, who specialized in the butterfly events.

The Hungarian swimmer Liliana Silage has raised serious allegations against her father.

At the age of 25, I’m ready to say the most difficult words that ever existed for me. After so much pain and fight I will get up, Silage wrote at Instagram. In a long text, the 25-year-old then accused her father. Zoltán Silage (54), they have abused them since child days physically, emotionally and sexually.

If I did not find the expected results, I was ignored and confirmed with penalties. I was not allowed to have an independent voice, no thought, no opinion and no goal, she wrote. Constantly and unpredictable if he was afterwards, he enjoyed exercising his power about me. Be it by physical breeding, intimidation, withdrawal of love and attention or sexual abuse.

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Dióhéjban a Turi ügyről.

Silage won the silver medal at the 2016 World Cup. Then she broke the contact with her father, who works as a lawyer and swimming coach. He was once even swimmer and participated in three Olympic Games.

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