Nintendo launches an independent global sale to celebrate New Year

Forget Christmas, the New Year is there, and it’s the party. Perhaps, choose independent games to celebrate the new year. Those of you who have not had Nintendo games for Christmas are lucky because Nintendo launched their indie World Holiday dirty.

TLA Sale, which was launched today, offers entire collections of independent games and DLC. Many of them are up to 75% discount. It may be time for you to add or start creating your independent collection. Games such as Hades, Cyber ​​Shadow and Short Hike are all presented in the sale.

Some classic games, like Shovel Knight, are included. The sale allows players who may never have the chance to play some of these games now try at a lower cost.

In parallel with the theme of independent games, Nintendo published yesterday a video about them. The video highlights the most sold independent games of 2021. Some of them are even presented in the sale.

Overall, the spirit of the gift is apparently still alive at Nintendo for the rest of the year. Thus, the sale will continue until 31 December at 23:59. What games will you choose? What game do you look forward to seeing on sale?

How 2021 was celebrated around the world - BBC News

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