Riot promises a big focus on balancing the valorant

Valorant: Riot Developer Addresses Raze Balance
At the end of the year 2021, the Valorant developer Riot Games represents its stand for 2022 by emphasizing which areas of the game will develop the closest next year.

Riot already sounded the upcoming revision for You, Valorant’s least used and least overwhelming agents, but today the developer has promised to put a bigger focus on the agent balancing next year on the agent balancing on a broad front. It is called a blog post that several agents updates are received to their kits in the first half of 2022. In addition, after completing the restructuring of the Valorant development team, Riot wants to jump to Emergent equilibrium problems faster in the next year.

Riot acknowledges that during the entire Episode 3, the agent distribution was far rarer than in the previous episodes. It seems that episode 4, which thanks to the scheduled release date of January 12, will increase the number of updates for the varied agent pool of the game.

In addition to the update to his approach to agent equalization, Riot also teases the next agent of Valorant, and his cryptic hints seem to coincide with previously discovered information.

It was widely speculated that Agent 18 comes from the Philippines, and in Riots Blog post, Philippine expressions were used as MGA Fabian KO (which is roughly my friends in English) and Farming Salazar ( Thank Thank hanks )., that’s as good as confirmed.

A teaser video already indicated that the next agent will be extremely fast and has some flash-based skills. In the blog post it states that Agent 18 can leave the rest of the squad behind which competition shocks and incurs directly in the fight — that’s just confirmed.

In 2022, Valorant is expected to add an electrifying new agent, and this greater focus on agent balancing should ensure that they are not overwhelmed or weak for too long after the start.

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