5 things that players should be grateful to

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It’s time to celebrate and be grateful for all the wonderful things we have. As players, I think we have many things we need to rejoice. Of course, our industry can be full of drama and disappointment, but you can not deny that we always move forward. So catch a turkey’s thigh, drown these potatoes in the sauce and celebrate why it’s so good to be a player in 2019!

Yes, I call the game Goose a work of art.

It is a debate that has probably already occurred even before my birth. However, every year, especially recently, I noticed that more and more people were starting to talk about games as a form of art. I think we can be grateful to the independent scene for a lot of that! For the big triple-a studios, there is simply too much money to invest so that they can experience many exciting projects (RIP PT, but more on Kolyma later), but it is precisely there that independent studios can shine. If you ask an independent developer if he does what he does for money, he will probably laugh. Most independent games are made with blood, sweat and hours and hours of unpaid work, only passionate. Generally, you do not see a penny as long as the project is not finished and, even in this case, the chances of success are minimal — but it does not matter for many of these developers, they just want to do something they can be proud of. For me, if it’s not an artist, I do not know what it is.

Which brings me to United Goose Game, the movie that sleeps in 2019. A game so simple, so accessible, both fun and charming, to watch, Goose Game won on the internet. But did you know? The team of four, House, was supported by the government? Yes it was! Film Victoria, a government organization created to support screen / television productions, has helped to finance this match. It makes me warm at the heart of seeing that some governments recognize developers as artists to support, such as writers and filmmakers. I’m sure the game was still resting on blood and sweat, but at least these guys did not have to worry about the roof above their head. And now, the whole world appreciates the game of the goose, it is a reason to be grateful.

There are so many niche games created that there is necessarily something for everyone, and to be honest, these smaller games would not have had the chance to live without the constant growth of the game. This Means that there is a market for occasional games, as well as for so complex games, it is necessary to play three other games to understand. It is largely due to the fact that most of us always have with us a portable gaming system: the all-powerful smartphone. And before anyone starting to talk about real games, let me tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing on your phone, especially now, because we have had some fascinating titles like Sayonara Wild hearts On Apple Arcade. These types of access to the easily accessible game did not exist when you had to invest hundreds of dollars to own a console or, in fact, a game PC. Now, people who would never have tried to play before. ‘Impose more and more and many even buy on other platforms once they realize their love for games. I still remember that it was rare to find other players in real life, and I am sincerely grateful to have as many people with those who share these incredible experiences.

Each year, games are more and more accessible for all and developers are increasingly aware that they need to adapt their games to people’s disabilities. In addition to future developments on hardware designed for people with disabilities, Abnegates Charity has launched accessible Player Experience, a reference guide on things that developers should be aware to make their games more accessible. It’s a fascinating reading even if you are not a developer, I highly recommend it. It divides small details that you may not even have noticed when reading, such as the full subtitling of important sound effects (such as an explosion behind you) in the subtitles of deaf players.

I think the difficulty is one thing that annoys many people when it comes to the discussion about accessibility, and I think APX says it perfectly:

5 Things You Should Be Grateful For Today!

We do not say you should limit or dilute the experience offered by your game. If you want your game to offer the extreme tension that involves tracking a wild animal through the forest, it’s the player’s experience that You should aim. What APX offers is a way to reflect on the possibility of offering this experience to players with different types of disabilities.

Senior: Shadows Die Twice provoked a huge debate on easy fashion this year. To quote an example of Celeste, Indie success of last year, the mode of assistance in this game was a thoughtful implementation of the increased difficulty that did not have the experience, so that you can find the good compromise which suits you. I think the problem with Senior is not that there was no increasing difficulty in this game, because many things in this game can make the task easier, it’s just that the player is not did not understand. Such things that some strategies or some elements can make some trivial patterns, fight for equal levels in combat, and use good consumables can help, but few things in the game guide players to these things. Other Ames oft games had cooperation, which was their growing difficulty. They not only got friends to help you, but they also gave you access to tips and secrets just looking at others playing. I think that without much change, Senior could have been a much more accessible game if Four soft was a little more attentive to these little details. In the end, regardless of your position, I like the fact that people are actively discussing these topics now.

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