Tower of Fantasy the Genshin Impact Killer debuts in China raising more than 7 million dollars

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IT'S HERE! LAUNCH NIGHT STREAM |「Tower of Fantasy (幻塔)」
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From China, they have been committed to taking control of the video game industry, and in recent months we are seeing titles that have revolutionized the world, as is the case of Genshin Impact. From a similar conception has been born Tower of Fantasy, an RPG Free-to-Play that is just released in the Asian country, and it has been swept.

The game has been released coming directly to the Top 1 in downloads for mobile games and has managed to raise, in just a few hours, more than 7 million dollars. Eye, who is stepping up strong and willing to plant face to the game of Photo.

We have been talking about Tower of Fantasy for months, and it is already a reality after its premiere in China, where it has had several months in Beta phase. In case you do not know what it goes, although you can see more in the video you have about these lines, mechanics is similar to that of Genshin Impact, with a full content of missions and a narrative of its own, which stands out for its Anime style, the possibility of creating our own characters and facing all kinds of creatures.

Tower of Fantasy is available at PC and mobile devices and is what we commonly know how Geisha. We can play without cost, but to move fast or unlock more powers or skills we can make use of your microtransactions to make the stay for your open world more bearable.

Now, it is only waiting for it to reach West. The launch was scheduled for this month of December but was postponed in China, so we will have to wait a few months. But not that’s why we’re going to lose sight of you.

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