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The launch of ghostbusters: afterlife managed to give him new life to this beloved franchise, and as a result of the above, it seems that there is also a new video game on the way. Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Evermore in the original films, said there was already someone working on this possible project.

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Hudson was recently talking with the Canal of YouTube, Countdown City Geeks, where he revealed a few additional details about the alleged new title of the saga. Recall that the actor lent the voice of him and resembling the 2009 video game, GhostBusters, which was recently remastered and released for modern platforms.

I recently received an e-mail, because we are doing another video game. They are currently planning the filming, and I am not sure who is behind it. I know we’ll be involved and day abroad, but I’m not sure if Bill Murray too. So there will be another game… I do not know when they are going to present it, but it is definitely happening.

They have been sending the character prototypes so that my image goes well, and it seems that it is costing them to do it. It is very rare because they have achieved that Bill, Dan and Harold look exactly the same, but in my case it seems that I always look like Eddie Murphy or someone else.

Apparently, other rumors suggest that it could be illogic, the team behind the Friday the 13th video game, be responsible for creating this new title Ghostfantasmas, but at the time of writing we do not have Official confirmation that it is so.

Editor’s note: I think this franchise could be given very well for video games, but personally I would prefer to focus on a completely original story and leave behind movies. We’ll see if this new game will be based on GhostBusters: Afterlife or if it will be something aside.

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