GENSHIN IMPACT What gachapones await you in the second part of the 2 3 update

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2.3 upgrade comes from the hand of the second part from of December 14 in Genshin Impact. As usual, we are entitled to new gachapones that will bring new features. Indeed, with the first part, we only had the right to reruns with weapons of Keisha and Eula as well as characters from Albedo and Eula.

Achaean Strife On

First, let’s talk about the Achaean Heroes, which will add two new fighters. One of them is an oddity of 5 stars and the other is 4 stars. Both have the same element, Geo.

Good use a bow, while Into be handy with a sword with both hands. If the former is more support, the other is a very particular DPS, seeing their combined strength between their attack and defense. Kinda like Noelle.

Along with these two, we have Barbara, that is a healer, and Xi angling, DPS and support too.

Duration of the Achaean: from 14 December to 6 p.m. until 4 January at 2:59 p.m.

In summary, here are the featured heroes.

Arawak Into (5 Stars Geo)
Good (4 stars Geo)
Barbara (4 stars Hydro)
Xi angling (4 stars Pro)

Achaean Divine Incarnation

Now let’s talk about weapons. found the new weapon of 5 stars Español Cornirrojo that Into. It might be useful for him but also for Noelle. You can also put other characters, offering critical damage bonus and a bonus damage from normal attacks and loaded with up to 40% defense.

In addition to this weapon, you will find the following weapons 4 stars.

Flash of Darkness (one-handed sword)
Val’s night (arch)
Sword of time (two-handed sword)
Lance Famous (pole arm)
Memory Sacrificial (catalyst)

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Another weapon of 5 stars is also in the game.

Heavenly Wings (Bow)

And finally, here is the length of the banner.

Duration of the Achaean: from 14 December to 6 p.m. until 4 January at 2:59 p.m.

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