Destiny 2 nerft coats warlock

If a well-Warlock plays in Destiny 2, had after the last update, the shortest Superabklingzeit in the game. But Bungee has forgotten to mention that the super also get a Nerf makes of your entire team in Endgame weaker.

Especially in the endgame of Destiny 2, certain Supers, optimize damage DPS phases, often indispensable. This includes the fountain of gloss, the solar Multi the Warlocks. He has so far always provide more DPS and heal the team.

The sword has a healing aura that heals nearby allies and strengthens.
Fountain of gloss increased weapon damage each team member by about 25 percent.
Team members are in the fountain, could shoot through enemy shields.

After the last update 3.4.0. Was the well-Warlock even the only Level-5 super, so the quickest way of regeneration. Thus, healers were initially very pleased. But players like m4eix now made attention on Reddit and twitter that this is not only positive change has given and the support Multi in fact has become even much worse by an apparent Nerf.

What has changed in the fountain of splendor ? The fountain gloss no longer increases the damage to the whole team. The additional DPS output only affects the player who has used the super. The Warlock is so to speak, an egoist with respect to its support Multi. Also, the seasonal Mod focus lens does not increase the damage more in addition.

Bungie HATES Warlocks. (Destiny 2)
The change also means that the standing in the well team members can no longer shoot through enemy shields.

In Endgame makes itself clearly noticeable: The players have quickly found that one now needs a lot more weapon damage than before to put a boss in the endgame. This also means that teams have to rethink their previous strategies, in which the use of the Fountain of gloss was essential basic.

Was that Bungee wanted it? Since the change was not mentioned in the patch notes, puzzled, hoping the community initially that maybe it is a bug, and it was not the intention. But unfortunately it was not like that.

Why did not mention this in the patch notes for the developer? After the players have made on Reddit attention to reported immediately Bungee’s sandbox Discipline Lead Kevin Jane’s and apologized for it. This important information was, due to the large amount of changes to the update 3.4.0., Just forget.

This is not a mistake or a stealth nerf. I really missed it in the patch notes, and it is by design. The aim was to make it so that the well-Warlock still has its uses, but the team that [so far the benefits] mistakenly got, not getting. This led to DPS accelerations that we had not intended or able to maintain sense of season to season. […] We often see this community as a community of which we expect it detects even the smallest changes to the sandbox damage failures. So expect, or we never believe we could all sneak past even the smallest change in you.

Kevin Jane’s went in his reply also mentioned the slowdown with the Season-15 Mod focus lens, which previously ensured that the light skills of the players opponents who are affected by stasis inflict additional damage.

The interaction for the focus lens should continue to work as usual at other harm focused Supers.

For the community is not comprehensible to the Nerf

Despite the explanation and apology, the community is not enthusiastic about the change and has some remarks. The fountain of gloss is for many teams in Destiny 2 integral part of the end game and loses the Nerf quasi one of his strongest team benefits.

Nonmember brings the Reddit thread the displeasure of the community to the point:

Bungee wants people build crafting and get incorporated into certain things. But what does it when things like the Bubble and the well not stack or literally did not cooperate particle separation? It is as if they would miss the most important part of MMO games, namely buffs, rebuffs and damage stack, etc. Build Crafting is not just oh I have more discipline, so I can get my grenade faster. It plays a role, which benefits your team.

Barrier shields are more difficult to crack: For many players, the fountain of gloss was a good option for making barrier champions out of the way. That this is no longer possible is incomprehensible to many players. You will find such a change would only make sense if bungee would then remove the shields of the servitors.

Stars raven commented on this in the Reddit thread and says:

I appreciate the openness, but this change is complete nonsense. Antiarriere servers that make enemies invincible through walls and around corners [immunize] is a shit mechanics and warlock fountains that frighted themselves by this, was the way the community worked around this crappy mechanic.

Hunting asks Kevin Jane’s directly:

[…] You have not changed the functionality of barrier servitors, right? You have just removed a workaround, which we have found (the community) to deal with you. Do you see the problem?

The Nerf of the Fountain of Gloss in Update 3.4.0 shows once more, how much bungee is concerned with making the gun play in Destiny 2 more important. Players must now consider new strategies that are now still effective in the endgame and compensate for attenuation. For Warlocks, the question will be asked in the future whether the fountain is still worthwhile as a support super.

What do you think? Did you notice the change at the Fountain of Alleles ? Or is the Nerf not a problem for your fire team, because you can do enough damage on every boss without the Warlock and Support?

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