PUBG Battle Royale Virkstein changes to free to play

PUBG Full Free-to-Play Release Trailer | The Game Awards 2021

For a long time the paid action game Player unknown’s Battlegrounds led the hype to so-called Battle-Royale shooter. However, free-to-play alternatives such as Fortnite repressed the multiplayer turbine started as an indie project gradually from the throne. Nevertheless, the meanwhile called PUBG: Battlegrounds in a large-scale game, the game has been enjoyed today to this day of a lively and global community. It could now grow again, because the title changes his vehicle model.

As the now under the name Grafton Inc. Confirmed developers and publishers Blue hole recently announced, they play PUBG from January 12, 2022 on PC and console basically to the zero tariff. A purchase of the game is no longer necessary. Grafton Inc. hopes the change to the free-to-play concept the beginning of a new era. Demand could actually rise, because so far, PUBG cost fewer about 30 euros.

Premium Account with Battlegrounds Plus

Whoever wants to butter money in the game, can do that of course. With Battlegrounds Plus, PROTON INC. has announced a new premium model in the same train. Anyone who has 12.99 US dollars (about 11.50 euros) will be upgraded for his account. This gives you all kinds of bonuses. Underneath a ranking mode, a custom players search, 1,300 units of In game Currency G-Coin, Survival-Masters experience points including a 100 percent boost and all sorts of virtual equipment.

If you have purchased PUBG before switching to free-to-play commissioned and played, you will receive the plus upgrade for free. In addition, you get the so-called Special Commemorative Pack, which gives you additional skins and objects. It remains exciting how smoothly the change to the free-to-play model succeeds. PUBG is fighting, like all other online games, for years with so-called cheaters, so unfair players who provide advantages with illegal aids. An opening of the title for everyone could increase the number of screens and make it difficult to exercise.

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