With Chapter 3 Fortnite has decided to change graphic motor to keep looking to the future

It seems that they do not spend the years by Fortnite. The popular Battle Royale of Epic Games continues today being relevant, receiving constant collaborations and often changing its map and its mechanics to stay fresh. In fact, chapter 3 has been available for a few days, which has incorporated many novelties.

This has left characters such as Spider-Man, Wait Díaz and Marcus Felix, as well as modifying the island and adding new weapons and ways to face the battle through their mechanics. But we have also known that the development has now changed a graphic engine, going to use Unreal Engine 5, which belongs to the EPIC itself.

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With the arrival of Chapter 3, the development of Fortnite has passed to Unreal Engine 5, comment from Unreal Engine’s official profile. We are excited to share this trip with you, and we are working on offering the the best possible experience for the entire Fortnite community.

With this change, the EPIC strategy is clear with Fortnite: continue to keep it as a platform, updating it on a consistent basis, without plans of new deliveries properly said. Something that is revealed with the latest movements of the company, buying recognized studies that will direct their main efforts to create content for free to play.

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