Reflections of Sakurai on the development of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Samurai recently reported on his reflections and experiences on the development of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The last Ultimate update has just released last week, marking the end of an era for the Nintendo series of fighting.

Samurai shared his work experiences on the game during an interview with e-mail. He also gave his reflections on what is in store for the future of the series. He has addressed many topics about the development of DLC fighters, the size of the list and its new free time.

Sakurai Reveals More About Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Development (Bandai Namco, Veterans, & More!)
With regard to the development of DLC combatants, Samurai mentioned how much work is put in the process. You may have already noticed, but the DLC fighters tend to be more unique than the standard fighters of the list, says Samurai. Fans pay a supplement for these additional characters, then we say that we must strive and do our best to provide more than dignified content.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s development started around 2016. Samurai and his team have worked hard since then to develop a dozen DLC fighters and even more updates. Now that the game has finished being updated, Samurai can take a well-deserved break. I have more free time now that I have probably never had since I started working in the development of games, Samurai said.

Finally, Samurai gave his opinion on how the next payment should be managed. The current Super Smash Bros Current has too much from my personality in it. For a long-standing series to continue to prosper today, we need to think about eliminating the dependence of the series with a single person’s vision. He said that in the past, divide the vision between several people did not work. It would be a challenge for the future and something that needs to be discussed with Nintendo.

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