Genshin Impact followers are gushing over a surprise personality after his very first line of dialogue

The current Genshin Impact trailer casually disclosed the voice of the still-hidden however heavily teased character Kamikaze Amato, which implies much of the video game’s fandom is now feverishly spurting over a personality they haven’t seen or met.

The trailer itself is an enjoyable theatrical fragment featuring Arawak Into, a geo-wielding on who will certainly make his in-game debut following week, however Photo slid in a separate teaser right at the end. Yes, a lot of enjoyable, a strange voice says simply over a minute in. Pity that the Henry Compensation has shown up.

This voice can genuinely just come from Amato. For one, he’s described as a lord by some type of retainer or assistant, and also it’s likewise clear from the second line that this speaker has a tenuous partnership with the Henry Payment. The pursuits involving Kamikaze Ayala, Amato’s sister (that was launched at the start of Trauma), make it clear that the Kamikaze clan’s Fashion Compensation doesn’t agree the Henry group, as well as in between that and also the title of lord, it’s rather clear this is Amato we’re hearing. Amato is the existing head of the Kamikaze clan, besides.

While many characters have mentioned him, Amato has never really showed up in-game, so this quick line counts as both a voice disclose and the first official trace of the Kamikaze leader. There’s no telling when Amato will in fact make his method right into the video game, either as a usable character or a new Trauma ally, but given the tongue-wagging reaction to this, we can safely assume he’ll make waves when he does eventually get here. We can put him right together with Yale Mike on the listing of most-anticipated Trauma characters.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! MiHoYo Finally Officially Introduce KAMISATO AYATO...

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