Peacemaker has a new and bizarre trailer

As you probably already know, Peacemaker will have its own series at HBO Max at the beginning of the following year. This new production will follow the adventures of the character played by John Cent, and will tell us a little more about History and Motivations of Him. If you were still convinced by her, then we suggest you take a look at her most recent trailer.

As you could see, Peacemaker will continue with the same tone as we saw in The Suicide Squad, that is, with a character (or now characters) willing to do whatever it is in order to fulfill its objectives. On this occasion, the antihero will be accompanied by other colleagues who will surely share a destination similar to those of the film.

Peacemaker will debut at HBO Max on January 13, 2022 with a new weekly episode up to on February 17.

Peacemaker | Official Trailer | HBO Max
Editor’s note: Honestly, I was not too excited about this project. I think his new trailer does a good job summarizing the premise of the series, and my level of emotion for her definitely rose. After what was The Suicide Squad, let’s hope that Peacemaker does not disappoint.

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