Hamburg Decilized THW celebrates third victory in series

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With a sovereign away win, the THE Kiel claimed its place in the Bundesliga top group. The HSV Hamburg won the record champion 32:23 (15: 6) and successfully defended his second place in the table.

For Kiel, it was the tenth season win in the 14th game, and the third mandatory game victory in series. At the very front is in the Bundesliga of the SC Magdeburg, which decided all his twelve games for themselves.

Kiel caught in Hamburg an optimal start to the game and was especially safe in the defense. For this purpose, a glossy Keeper Niklas Landing (13 parades) came. For the break, the Zebras already led 15: 6. Even after the break, the THE dropped nothing and drove at the end a convergeable away win.

Best Passer The Killer was the Croatian playmaker Damage Duncan, who played in Hamburg from 2009 to 2014, with six hits. Nicolas Berg and Sander Sago sen contributed five goals to never endangered success. For the HSV, where Niklas Weller (six goals) was most accurate, it was the sixth satisfied lay.

HSV Hamburg - THW Kiel | Full Game Highlights | Handball Bundesliga 2021

I had five gorgeous years in this hall.

Damage Duncan

It was a special game for me, then confessed Duncan at the Sky microphone: I had five gorgeous years in this hall. Basically, Kiel’s Mitterrand a good game for us. Our defense and Niklas Landing in the gate were outstanding. That was the key to victory. We had a giant respect for Hamburg. We knew the HSV plays a superior season. I played I’m just happy that we have taken two points.

HSV Hamburg — THE Kiel 23:32 (6:15)

Goals for Hamburg: Weller 6, Mortensen 3/2, Sissier 3, Forster 2, Trailing 2, Wallis 2, F. Andersen 1, Ossenkopp 1, Schimmerbauer 1, M. Path 1, Kiloweber 1
Goals for Kiel: Duncan 6, Berg 5/3, Sago sen 5, Ranking 4, Arabic 4, Bilk 3, Peeler 3, Hora 1, Reinhold 1
Referee: Tobias Townies (Stendhal) / Robert Schulz (Magdeburg)
Viewers: 8533
Puncture minutes: 10/8
Disqualification: /

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