Top or Flop How do the newcomers join the 2nd Bundesliga

Every year, at least two clubs rise to the 2nd Bundesliga. In the past season, all three managed, because the relegation could decide Ingolstadt for themselves.

Now 15 game days are played, so the perfect time has come to lead the first bill. Did everyone run like everyone expected? Or are there surprises that were probably only dared by the club’s own fans in the dreams?

Newcomer number 1: Dynamo Dresden

As a club Dresden had left the league only for a one-year-old flying visit in the lower house. Thus, Dresden Salt in the third league not only as a privacy favorite, but also as the strongest horse of the rise trio. What’s up?

Strong start — Dresden is perfect. Immediately in the first game, the co-headers Ingolstadt was literally swept out of the stadium, in the second, the HSV Parole could be offered, followed by two victories. Dresden was in the meantime on the ascent ranks of the league.
Arrived With the defeat home against Paderborn and the subsequent defeat in Dagenham, Dresden came on the floor of the 2nd league.
Negative Series Six of the last seven games lost Dresden. What started at the top of the table is now the lower midfield with a viewing direction. 16 points has Dresden, 14 Hanover on the relegation rank.

Basically, the course was to be expected. Even the damped dynamo fans know exactly that this season is only about the league. Every year in the 3rd league can change everything. Surely fans had hoped for more so far, but also from Dresden’s point of view, it should not be forgotten that the 2nd Bundesliga is currently the most traditional and probably the strongest league of all time.

Newcomer number 2: Hans Rostock

Nine years of league 3, of which several in the relegation battle, once only made the league, because an east club has won the decisive two-duel. Almost went to the bankruptcy, in which 3rd league under coach Jens Cartel established and risen the cross-global football named curing. How does it look?

Base — The bookmakers set Hans 17, interestingly, they gave Tannhauser even lower opportunities. The budget is by far the smallest of the league, the squad consists of third-league markers with some borrowed experienced players.
Stick — Immediately in the first game, the club was allowed to do with the Var acquisition, which named the first goal, at the end came out a 3-1 for the KSC. This was followed by a victory in Hanover and a draw in Dagenham.
Arrived — With the clear defeat against Dresden, Hans also arrived in the league. Nevertheless, the results are varied, on defeats follow victories or draw. Games like the against Schalke show that nice and dominant play, no points means if the gate is not hit.
Top points — The games against Bremen and St. Pauli would probably like to delete all fans and those responsible from memory.
Highlights — Do not do anything much, possibly lies in the club cradle of the East. The first-time achievement of the DFB Cup Final for 13 years should be the highlight, as well as that currently even Dynamo Dresden is three ranks deeper.

The newcomer beats well, but there was still a motto and apply at least two clubs, better still three. More than the mere class content is not on the Baltic Sea. The fans prevail typical football satisfaction: is won, the Champions League is close to gripping, is lost, you can also unsubscribe the club.

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newcomer number 3: Ingolstadt

Two years the Ingolstadt fought for the rise, two years even directly and indirectly against the lions from Munich. In the past season, the Scanner then trust and rewarded himself by the 1960s to the end of the season. The relegation was also won. Best starting situation? On the one hand, because Financially, Ingolstadt is well positioned. But:

Stick \ defeat, high defeat, draw. These are the facts of the first three games. In between, the Scanner reached the second round in the DFB trophy. The 6-1 defeat was the low point, the victory against Tannhauser the climax.
Trailing Following four defeats, a draw (Kiel) and then another four defeats in five games. The second DFB cup round was also lost.
Taking through Meanwhile, Ingolstadt trainer has dismissed coach Patrol, who had taken the posts only after the ascent. Schubert, So far co-coach took over the post, collected but also defeats.

St. Pauli v Hansa Rostock | 2. Bundesliga 21/22 | Match Highlights

With six points from 15 games, a mortgage difference of -25, Ingolstadt is at the bottom of the table. Already there are eight points on the saving shore. The fans are not excited about the course and feared again that it could go down in league 3.

And that’s exactly what is the fear of all clubs anyway: the league is getting stronger and how hard it can come up from the lower house, not only shows Hans Rostock, but the latest examples named Kaiserslautern, Duisburg or 1860

Chances are currently not so bad that at least promoted create the league

Conclusion — exceeded, fulfilled, not fulfilled

Two of the three promoters are surprising or expected to be good. Ingolstadt weakens massively, but the season continues long. Realistic and considered without fan glasses, it is already so that the classification for all three teams would be championship plus cl victory in one. Even in the weddings of Dresden it was said after every victory that this would be 40-x.

The target sum of the Eastern clubs is the magical 40-point mark, which has always been somehow enough to the league. Presumably, Ingolstadt will have placed this goal, with a series of a series in the positive sense being necessary. You could be lucky, because the game against Hans Rostock is still out. And here speaks the statistics volumes: 6 victories, 3 draws, 1 defeat. However, the Rostock statistics currently like to turn around.

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