November noted 7 months of Linux climbing on Steam 5 months over 1

I assume we can currently firmly state that we are the 1%? Another month is down as so the current Steam Hardware Survey numbers are out, and also it proceeds being very favorable for Linux PC gaming.

As we reveal on our committed Steam Tracker, we’ve now seen the Linux user share on Steam remain above 1% for 5 months, and we have actually seen 7 months of continual growth.

Shutoff generally does an announcement of customer numbers early every year, so ideally in 2022 they can offer us an updated regular monthly active customer count to see where we are contrasted to in the past. Going by their last numbers, there would certainly be about 1,396,640 monthly active Linux individuals on Steam.

My Experience Of Gaming On Linux For An Entire Year (2020)
We’re still a while away from seeing just how the Steam Deck will influence this, if in any way, as it relies on just how Valve will be tracking the variety of Steams 3 gadgets. With their original Steams 2 that was for Steam Machines, it never ever seemed to be included. We do also recognize that Steams 3 will certainly be launched as a standalone OS, as verified by Shutoff, so we might also see even more tools as well as people utilizing it.

Post taken from Steam Hardware.

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