Aliens Fireteam Elite launches its second season on December 14th

Released at the end of August, Aliens: Fire team Elite will already inaugurate its second content season in mid-December. Baptized Point Defense, it provides the recipe with the eponymous game mode, which will take the form of an Horde Plus nervous mode and focused on the defense of strategic points.

Players will have to face waves of mesomorphs, while protecting three data positions. Each victory will unlock a number of manufacturing points, necessary for the purchase of consumables in the course of the Run. At the key: twenty new rewards, finishing different levels of difficulty. Of course, this new season arrives with its lot of new weapons (four), accessories and visual personalizations — all will be part of the rewards and will be included in the shop. New Challenge cards will also be integrated, while the game will also offer a global statistical overview of your participation.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite DLC Season 2 New Point Defense Gameplay Update on December 14 2021

Aliens: Fire team Elite will also be, as we said above, proposed in the catalog of Game Pass PC and Microsoft Consoles on the same date.

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