Minecraft Caves Cliffs Part II is now available and these are all changes of the patch 1 18

Caves of Mud is an early gain access to roguelike role-playing computer game embedded in an open globe that is partly pre-made as well as partly arbitrarily generated. The video game takes area in a post-apocalyptic science dream setting and also is inspired by the pen-and-paper role-playing games Gamma World and also Dungeons & Dragons.

It has cost, but it is already here. Minecraft has just welcomed the second part of caves and cliffs, the new addition of content to the Moving Sandbox and Microsoft. It is about the greatest number of news arrived from blow from the history of Minecraft, as they alter the base of the game completely. The creation of the worlds has completely changed, and now the height and soil of them has been expanded.

By summarizing a little everything that has been added, in addition to that renewed generation of worlds, we have things like new biomes, caves and aquifers, new distribution of Torres or new music… and that just to quote some of the novelties that will arrive with the game.

New achievements

Te has added caves and cliffs to fall from top to bottom in the over world.
NE added as at home to mount a Strider lava for 50 blocks in the over world.
One has added Star Trader to trade with a villager at the height limit of construction
One has added music sound to reproduce music with a granola in a prairie biome.


Enchantment tables now emit a low amount of light.
The use of shears on the tip of a creeper of the cave, the twisted vine, the weeping vine and the seaweed will prevent them from continuing to grow.
The copper ore now drops from 2 to 5 (from 2 to 3) crude copper objects.
In the canker, a block of copper can be converted into 4 pieces of copper.
The placement of Big Drip leaf has restricted to clay, grass, earth, moss, rooted earth, Poole and mycelium.

Big mineral veins

The veins of ore are large and rare underground mineral formations, in the form of a serpent
Copper veins are formed between levels 0 and 50 and mixed with granite.
The iron veins are formed below level -60 and -8 and mix with the Toby


Hora the monsters are born only in places where the light of the blocks is 0


To has added new music by Lena Raise and UMI Tania to the over world (when played in survival mode) and the main menu.
To has added a new music disk from Lena Raise titled Other side. It can rarely find itself on the chests of the runners of the fortress or much more rarely in the cores of the dungeons.

New biomes

Drip stone caves

Contacts a lot of stalactites and stalagmites on floors and ceilings, as well as within small water pools
In some places, you will find great stalagmites, stalactites and columns built with Dripstone Blocks
Additional copper ore mineral
Drowning can appear in aquifers within the Dripstone caves

Frozen peaks

Places smooth mountainous with ice and snow
Goats and Yetis appear. Wait, no, actually they are only goats.


Snowier with large fir trees and powder snow traps. You may want to wear leather boots.
Tend to generate on high altitude terrain under the peaks of the mountains or in the peaks of the hills
Wolves, rabbits and foxes appear


Tr amend tagged mountain peaks with snow and stone blocks
Cabral said

Exuberant caves

The moss covers floors and ceilings
The spore flowers grow from the roof and drop particles
Contact clay ponds with Drip leaf plants that grow out of them
Azalea shrubs and Azalea shrubs in For
Azalea tree loves to have its roots in lush caves, so if you find an azalea tree (either on the floor or a cave) you know there is an exuberant cave under Ti
The crowders of the caves with bright berries grow from the roof and illuminate the caves


Gran Herbaceous and Florida Biome that tends to be generated on top of the plateaus or next to great mountain ranges
Sometimes it contains a high and lonely oak or birch with a nest of bees
Donkeys, rabbits and sheep

Snowy slopes

Very snowy temper that can hide dust snow traps. Use leather boots!
Tend to generate on high altitude terrain under the peaks of the mountains or in the peaks of the hills
Rabbits and goats appear

Minecraft 1.18 IS OUT NOW! (Caves & Cliffs Part 2) Bedrock & Java Edition

New distribution of minerals

The generation of mineral has changed to adapt it to the new height of the world and to add more strategy to mining. There is no longer a single level of height that is the best for all minerals.
The iron ore is generated below the height 72, with a strong trend at height 16. The iron ore is also generated above 80, with more iron ore as it is uploaded.
The copper mineral is generated between height 0 and 96, with a strong trend towards height 48. The copper ore is generated in larger quantities in the biome of the drip stone caves.
The lapislazuli mineral is generated below the height 64, with a strong trend towards height 0. However, the spellazuli mineral below the height -32 or above height 32 can not be generated exposed to air. It will be buried or inside the water.
Carbon mineral generates above height 0, with a strong trend towards height 96 and upper. The coal mineral has a reduced air exposure, so you will find more buried coal mineral or underwater that exposed to air.
The gold mineral is generated below the height 32, with a strong trend towards height -16.
The additional gold mineral is generated below the height -48. The additional gold mineral can be found in the biomes of the land slows above the height 32.
The red stone mineral is generated below height 16. The generation of red stone ore gradually increases as it is lowered to the height -32 and below.
Diamond mineral is generated below the height 16, with more diamond mineral the more it descends. The diamond ore has a reduced air exposure, so you will find more diamond mineral buried or underwater that exposed to air.
The emerald mineral is generated above the height -16 in mountain biomass, with more emerald mineral the higher you go. The emerald mineral below height 0 is very rare.

Caves and aquifers

The noise caves are a new way of generating caves, providing more natural variety. Sometimes they can really be huge. There are three types:
— Cheese caves: like Swiss cheese holes. They usually form caverns from different sizes.
— Spaghetti caves: long and winding tunnels, sometimes broad like noodles.
— Noodle caves: a finer variant, grid and claustrophobic of the caves of the spaghetti.
No, are not noisy. The noisy part of the noise caves is a technical term and has nothing to do with sound.
The ancient generators of caves and cannons are still available, combining with noise caves to form interesting cave systems
Like ear caves, noise caves form cave entries where they cross with the surface
I aquifer is an area with a local water level, independent of the sea level
Aquifers are used during the generation of the world to generate water masses inside the noise caves
To sometimes gives rise to great underground lakes
They can also be formed inside the mountains and on the surface
Aquifers below 0 will sometimes be aquifers of lava instead of water aquifers
Magma blocks are sometimes generated at the bottom of the groundwater masses
The carved and submarine cannons have been eliminated, since aquifers are used in their place to generate water in the caves

Generation of the world

The generation range and construction limits have been expanded in 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down, up to a total range of 384 blocks
Underground elements, structures and caves are generated until Y-64
Exception: the Diorama, the granite, the Andes ite and the Earth are not generated below Y-0.
The size and position of the generation of Diorama, Angelita and Granite have adjusted.
Ya can not find drip stone groups in normal caves, only in drip cave biomass.
A from Y-8 and below, Desperate gradually replaces the whole stone
Deep slate spots are no longer generated above Y-0
The shape and land elevation vary drastically, regardless of biomass
For example, forests and deserts can be formed on a hill without the need for a special biome for it
Women Diorama, granite and Angelita generate above Y-60
The gravel strips can be generated on strokes.
Trees of the swamp can grow in water to 2 depth apples (instead of only 1 block)
The characteristics of water lakes have been eliminated, aquifers provide local water levels
A group of biomass variants with similar characteristics but with different shapes they have merged into one, since now the form is controlled independently
The name of some biomass has changed
Geodes now only generate up to height 30

You can check all the patch here.

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