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The 1st FC Mönchengladbach really tried it, but at the moment the goalie of the 1st FC Bolt is so oiled that it is barely to stop. After a 6-1 in the league against the 1st FC Monday and a 5-0 in the provincial cup against the SPV GG Sterkrade-Nord won the team of Jan Winking at the FCM with 4: 2.

In the 18th minute, Forager Plate appeared dangerous to the opposing box for the first time and could only be stopped July. Becker turned the penalty. Mönchengladbach maintained his aggressive pressing, disturbed in the 52nd minute successfully the opposing game structure and Torrens marked the compensation. But the FCB had Plate, who was in the 63rd minute as a Gladbacher defender hit the ball. 14 minutes later, the long-standing Essen regional digestion door was set to the scene with a long blow, now it was 3: 1. No rest porch, as it should turn out because Bolt did not clarify a corner in the 81st minute, Alienate took advantage of the 2: 3. Only in the 87th minute was the military FCB attachment calm down. Becker was allowed to go to the penalty again and transformed it for sure. Everything in butter So Bolt? No, ChefCoach Winking is quoted on the club’s own website: Overall, we have shown a weak performance and admitted too many chances for the opponent. I’m just glad that we can drive home with three points. Here on the small square You can play better tennis as football. Despite all criticisms, Bolt is conveniently located as a table profit, currently eleven points lead in place twelve, the first place that would mean the relegation round.

The opponent could not have been able to complain if we had some hits more.

SEAT Tokay, coach of black and white food

On that twelfth place has been black and white since this match day of the ETB. The Schweitzer drove a sovereign 3-0 success on Sunday at the Capitistrent DKK Teutonic St. Tons. From the beginning, the guests pressed on the accelerator pedal, First Romano found his master in Doorkeeper Hinsenkamp, ​​but in the 21st minute Managua met after a beautiful combination by direct acceptance. Just before the break whistle Essen’s Tor wart Luck prevented the compensation with a great reflex, quasi in return named Romano in the penalty area two opponents and met with a placed flat shot to 2: 0. At St. Tons, in the 55th Minute Burman Satin lost her nerves and looked red because of a convolution. His gloves wearing teammate Hinsenkamp gave everything, so food did not led even higher, but in the 88th minute he was also beaten as his goalkeeper — Pendant Luck hit the ball wide forward, shoe took this template and turned freely in front of Hinsenkamp flat and placed. Essen’s coach SEAT Tokay was pleased afterwards: Today we have recovered in the height today. The opponent could not have been able to complain if we had more achieved some hits. We have started very well, if you still considered that We the serious game from Wednesday (1: 0 victory in the dressing head against Regionalist red-white Oberhausen; d. Red.) had in the bone, then I can only make the team again a giant compliment, which concerns the commitment.

Baum bergs strong four minutes

Night with the black and white but currently above the stroke, the SC Union Neutral, who won John Ziegfeld 3: 1. On the other hand, the Turn Düsseldorf slipped out of the coveted places because it did not come over a 1-1 in the home game against the tail light Sterkrade-Nord. On course, the sports fans Baum berg, who have digested the youngest 1: 2 defeat against CFB Hidden, and celebrated the SC Elbert the fourth victory from the past five games. At 3-0, Baum berg moved the pace between the 49th and 53 minutes and scored all three goals during this period through Klutz, Abel ski and Homing. Elbert was not a goal, instead met three times the Hamburger Tor linkage.

The Rochester competition on the top of the table under powered on this match day her favorite role: The SSG Elbert won in Monday 3: 0, shower (16th), Diego (58.) and power (79th) shook the scorers. For the CFB 03 Hidden hit the 4-0 against the 1st FC Klee first Blechman (14th) and King (24th) before Weber closed twice (42./86.).

On valuable points in the race for the ascent round, the Rothenberger SC was briefly hoped for the PVG Schonnebeck. Burg hard scored the leadership for the CSC in the 65th minute, but that on this day everything but convincingly occurring game association mobilized again all forces and won thanks to KBE (70th), Supt (75th) and Hoffmann (90. + 2) 3: 1 and jumps on top table space.

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