Characters from Street Fighter have arrived in Brawlhalla

Shovel Knight Crossover Event! - Brawlhalla Patch 3.30

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While it seems that Valhalla will never reach the popularity of Super Smash Bros., this does not stop Ubisoft to achieve some quite interesting collaborations. In the past we saw the arrival of Shovel Knight, as well as the Crystal GEMS of Steven Universe. Now, unexpectedly, it was revealed that three Street Fighter fighters will add to this game.

By means of a trailer it has been confirmed that BYU, Chung and Aka are already available in Valhalla. Next to this, a new game mode is also introduced, known as Street Brawl, where the goal is to download the life bar of your opponent to overcome it.

Without a doubt, these are good news for fans. Best of all, it is that Valhalla is a completely free game for consoles and PC, so you can already enjoy this collaboration with Street Fighter without any problem. On related topics, this way would see the characters in this series if they were real.

Editor’s note:

It is nice to see what games like Valhalla, which has a healthy community, but without enjoying the attention that something like this project deserves, continues to receive additional content of this size. Hopefully this does not stop here, and more properties are added to this title.

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