Gladbach Elvedis return ensures Domino

Clarity probably prevails only on Saturday. But the hints of Hunter suggest that the coach is seriously considering a starting eleven nomination of Elves. At the beginning of the month, the Swiss had moved in the away game at Mainz 05 (1: 1) a band injury to the Joint Capsule / Foot Root and has since failed.

Pyro & Rauchbomben beim Spiel Hamburg - Gladbach - HSV Abstieg

He was only three weeks with the international breaking break and is again longer in training. It looks again relatively well with him.

ADI Hunter

Meanwhile, Elves is in the team training properly and full of energy. He was only three weeks with the country break and is longer in training again. It looks relatively well with him again, said Hunter on Thursday.

The reference to the fact that Elves has not built up too much by the injury, suggests that the coach is planning in a timely man with the international. Maybe it’s enough for the initial formation in Cologne. Should it be ready on Saturday, Elvis returns Elvis to some shifts in the team. What Mother Means more options means for individual players that they could lose their place. Elvis comeback triggers a domino effect.

How could the Domino effect look — Bauhaus or Herrmann wobble

It could be affected for example Florian Bauhaus. Despite two goals in the past two games and increasing form curve, the recurring threatens the bank. If elves in the triple chain occupies the place between Matthias Winter and Ray Bensbaini, Denis Bavaria is free for the midfield. That Hunter then puts on a center with Bavaria and Many One is as good as safe. Bauhaus, most recently Ones partner in front of the series of defense, would have to go. Because from the position a little further forward to Jonas Hoffmann and Lars Still in the form of the game against the SPV GG Reuther Fürth (three assists at the 4: 0 victory) can not come by.

The other option: Bavaria stays in the triple chain, Elves defended left inside and Bensbaini moves out on the left wing. That would probably pay Patrick Herrmann the place. Herrmann came against Reuther Fürth for the job on the right side in the team, while Joe Sally moved to the left. Play there Bensbaini, the counterpart is called right rather Sally as Herrmann. And Bauhaus would continue next to One in midfield.

Prerequisite for such minds is that Hunter holds on the last successful system with triple chain. If the coach represents four-row, Bavaria would also be free for the midfield — and that could mean the bank for Bauhaus.

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