Orban despite negative test prematurely made from Bruges

Tural Abbaslı ilə “Canlı debat” - İcra başçısının mülk siyahısı yayıldı, MM-də Fransaya etiraz CANLI

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The Hungarian national player reported sick on Wednesday. Although a corona test made showed a negative result, yet Orbán was separated from the rest of the team and drove to Leipzig. In addition, the cool Mohamed Simian and the Ankle Ausschenben AMADO Haida and Dominik Szoboszlai. The day before coach Jesse March and goalkeeper Peter Gulags had logged out, which have infected with the coronavirus. In addition, three members were isolated from the supervisor, because either their corporate test was positive or there was an infected person in the immediate environment. In contrast, co-trainer Marco Kurt was able to travel to Belgium on Wednesday, as the person tested positively from his direct environment on Wednesday had a negative test. All members in the squad and the coach and supervisor staff are completely vaccinated by club details.

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