NFL Tom Brady leads Bucs to victory

Can Tom Brady leads Bucs repeat SB? - Jay Williams' Five: Players who willed their teams to victory
Star Quarterback Tom Brady has led Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the US Football Profiling NFL back to the trace of success. According to previously two defeats in a row, the Bus celebrated a 30: 10 success at the end of the eleventh match day against the New York Giants and shifted in third place of the NFC Conference table. Brady threw two touchdown pasTampa Bays. Two defeats in a row are really crap in the NFL, I’m just glad that there were not three in a row, said Brady, We played a bit better, but I think we still have a few points left. But overall it is a good victory for our team. For the first time, the Bus and Brady have been able to resort to attacker Rob Minkowski since the third week. Minkowski had suffered a rib injury and had failed for several weeks.

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