DOSB crisis After H rmann Board of Directors must also go back

The confidence crisis around anonymous allegations of employees at the German Olympic Sportsman now also costs board member Veronika Tucker her job. The DOSE has agreed with the 51-year-olds on a consensual termination of cooperation at the end of the year, the umbrella organization announced on Friday. This would allow also enable a personnel reorganization in the area of ​​the main office. Previously, DOSE President Alfons Hermann (61) had announced to give up his office. On 4 December, a new Bureau is to be elected in Weimar.

But now the personnel change will be even bigger. After four years in office, Tucker has to go to legal attacks against the former board member Karin Fees because of the involvement in the youngest affair. Trigger of the vortex was a letter in May, in which employee complained of a culture of anxiety in the Association Center.

A few days ago, it was now known that the DOSE leadership had asked Hermann and Tucker under threat of a criminal complaint and civil suit Fees to confess themselves as a writer of the Anonymous Mail of 6 May. Fees had rejected this as absurd and lush. The DOSE was unexpectedly separated in November 2020 and without justification of the 62-year-old sports functional.

Due to the threatening letter to Fees, Hermann and Tucker were again criticized. Several top organizations such as the German sports youth and the German Turner federal government were shocked by the handling of Fees and turned behind the former DOSE functional.

Hermann and Tucker defended her procedure. We are still convinced that it was in principle correct and our responsibility to pursue the protection of the DOSE the background of writing, they said in a statement. The association and sports Germany had taken significant damage by the letter, even if the Ethics Commission and the study of a consulting firm had largely invalidated the allegations.

Hints would have mentioned an authorship of the letter outside the employee district. A language verifier had been commissioned. Due to the results, on advice of the legal advisor, two attempts have been made to an out-of-court clarification of the case with Fees, it was definitely.

In order not to escalate the process, the Executive Board and Alfons Hermann as personally concerned immediately decided after a corresponding recommendation of the Ethics Commission at the end of October, no further legal action to do, emphasized Hermann and Tucker. The criticism of a disproportionate approach is entitled in the retrospect, they acknowledged.

We regret, when the action was created by the action, that Ms. Dr. ING. Fees should be put under pressure in an undue form, insured Hermann and Tucker. The sharply formulated writing of a lawyer on Fees had been released by them alone.

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To avert further damage from the umbrella organization, the Bureau with Tucker had agreed on the separation. In addition, the lawyers have been commissioned to create a documentation of this current process in order to assess them to assess the Ethics Commission. In the midst of the turbulence you want to ensure an ordered transition for the new bidding tip.

Rest should not stop at the DOSE. Just start the election campaign around Hermann succession. As candidates for the Presidential Office, a final penalization committee recommended the ex-world class claw Claudia Bowel, the CSU politician Stephan Mayer and the outgoing table tennis world president Thomas Water. With the out for Rocket now another top job is to be awarded.

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