Controls against the DFB Prosecutors Office shows new documents

The German Football Association (DFB) applies due to alleged inconsistencies in taxation of material donations through a sponsor (adidas).

The public prosecutors office Frankfurt / Main seeks new documents that she has gained from the sporting goods manufacturer. An appropriate report of the Deutsche Dating confirmed the Frankfurt Nautstatatländin Nadja sneezing the side.

The procedure is directed against still unknown persons at the DFB, said sneezing. In the case for the adidas offices, the investigators had obtained a search decision which was not enforced. Because the company has published the documents voluntarily, said sneezing. The investigation has been running since December 2020.

Prosecutors: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Already in January, the DFB had confirmed that in the case a late registration on the basis of a maximum consideration to the tax office had done. This is precautionary, because at the time have not stem noted, whether and at what height are taxed at all taxes.

The prosecutor does not investigate because of the taxation of sponsorships, but of benefits such as jerseys, shoes and other equipment.

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In January, it was said from DFB, he has noticed disagreements for examinations, and they appear to the competent tax office. In the meaning of tax error prevention, a Tax Compliance Management System (TCM) was introduced in the previous year, to recognize possible tax risks at an early stage. This system has shown at the end of last year a possible source of error, whereupon the DFB immediately sent a communication to the competent tax office immediately. The source of error initially consists only in the documentation.

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