Nintendo of America is partnering with Global Panda to launch the first Super Smash Bros official tournament circuit

He will celebrate this weekend his 20th birthday, but Super Smash Bros. Melee continues to defray the news. With his heir Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, both will appear on the poster of the first North American official tournament of the Smash Bros. license, which follows the announcement of a partnership between Nintendo and the Organizer Panda Global.

Its a surprise, but its very real: the very first official tournament circuit of Super Smash Bros. will be organized by Global Panda. Framing for many years fighting players, including Super Smash Bros., Panda Global says in its statement that several appointments will be taken across the United States in this event, which will be Also open to Canadian and Mexican players. This first official tournament will be the subject of qualifying sleeves in physics for Melee (subject to sanitary conditions) but also online for Ultimate.

WHOA! FIRST Official Nintendo-Licensed Smash Bros. Circuit to be Launched by Panda Global!
CE Partnership with Panda Global is a first step for Nintendo in its efforts to create a more reliable, more fun and welcoming competitive environment for our fans and our players. said Bill Tried, senior director of marketing products at Nintendo of America. Announcement, however, when we know that Nintendo has never prioritized the competitive dimension of its titles Smash Bros. At the time of development, renouncing for example to integrate the Encode Rollback into Ultimate. The first edition of this tournament, which will certainly have a position in physics, will run current 2022.

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