Furiose Darmstadt release St Pauli above

Some of a rubbish the eyes were surprised as he saw the break result at the Böllenfalltor. St. Pauli, as a leader traveled to Darmstadt, was already disenchanted after 45 minutes. In the 6th minute Dietz celebrated its eleventh goal out after a free-kick of Pfeiffer, Many laid in the 29th minute. Not enough: The Kietzbreak result saw this time in a double extended throw off very badly, Luca Pfeiffer was in the 39th minute of the beneficiary. Two minutes later, the attacker was again on the spot, also Pfeiffer had struck at the eleventh time in this season. In the second half there were still some opportunities on both sides, countable but not. It remained 4-0 for the lilies, which repressed St. Pauli of Rank One. The catching game against Tannhauser on Wednesday, the Hamburgers still have in the hind hand.

Aldous Tor premiere brings HSV on course

Even with the second lace on Saturday, the highlights of SALT have been seen. Alison (9th) and Glazed (18th, cherry tree parried the header) set early first fragrances brands before rice with a rich shot penned to the short corner (31.). Regensburg replied prompt: Best moved off from 19 meters, the leather struck behind Hewer Fernandes representative Johansson. Shortly after Timbers injury due to injury, a hit by Jetta was conceded away because of the offside (42.), but the HSV still went with the lead in the break — Alison celebrated his goal premiere in the German under house. And Hamburg laid in the second section: after foul from Kennedy to Kitten in the penalty area, the fouled himself grabbed the ball and hit 3: 1 (65th), in the 87th minute shows made everything clear with a fine Schooner. 4: 1 — The HSV is thus only three points from the Lace Duo at St. Pauli and Darmstadt.

Clash between Hooligans of Hamburg and Sankt Pauli. 09/07
AUE moves Rostock to the well

In lower figures are Rostock and AUE, who also did not give themselves. Bearers failed in the 6th minute on the post, on the other side Lazaro played a dream pass on bold, which completed to the 1-0 for AUE. A controversial foul foot (Strauss at Schumacher) brought Rostock back into play, Verge transformed to 1: 1. The double strike remained denied the Hansestädter, but Schumacher Tor was withdrawn away. In the 66th minute was back on the train: Ionic overall Keeper Role with a flat shot, the Saxons were back in front. Seconds later, the preliminary decision missed the preliminary decision in favor of the Bauer. Half so wild, because AUE still went from the square as a winner, although fright in a counterattack on the orphaned Rostock gate in the injection time was pretty much everything wrong. The outside are only three points behind the handsets.

Nurembergs Lucky Punch in Tannhauser

Well done, guys: FAN coach Klaus Her this Goal Scorer Imago Images / Zinc

The last Corona-crowned Tannhauser — the game at St. Pauli had to be postponed on coming Wednesday — was able to scoop out on Friday night against the 1st FC Nuremberg again. The householders determined the game, but had a problem: Destroyed against Athenian (3.), Eichmann against Athenian (15th), Epstein against Athenian (25th) — The Team of Hard Forest just did not pass by the Club Keeper. Even after restarted there were opportunities to see. The club showed for the first time in person of Miller Delhi (53.), in direct return tongue Ritzier from the best position. In the 66th minute then the VS struck: John tried it out of the distance, Athenian was probably the view of the view — the leather hit the bottom left. In the 83rd minute, however, the substitute Feinberger grabbed the hammer and met fulminant to the 1: 1. And actually: With closure whistle Soprano scored the 2: 1 for the club and released the Lucky Punch.

Three times aluminum and red for Hangovers Border

Paderborn in Hanover had the chance to temporarily take over the spreadsheet with a victory. Although the Lower Saxony had won only one of their last seven games, they set off like the fire department. Twice bikes (15th, 29th) as well as Kirk (17th) had promising opportunities, on the other side Just van had missed the short corner shortly before the break. This apparently gave upstream of the SCP: Challenger (56.) and SABENA (58.) failed both on the shiny 96-keeper Hansen. In the 67th minute Michel of Border was only stopped with an emergency brake. Red for the defense man, the free kick from 17 meters just added Just van to the post. Hangovers Joker Wakanda (73.) failed at the aluminum, as well as unlucky Just van (76.).

The 14th match day at a glance

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