Ubisoft Regala Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for PC Espionage and Stealth in an Information War

The return of Splinter Cell in the current generation of consoles is a valid rumor for years. But, while we hope that Ubisoft will give the final step to revive the franchise, we can delight us with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory at PC, since the French developer has decided to give it to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company.

However, it should be noted that all players who wish to make a copy of this Splinter Cell Chaos Theory must do it through Ubisoft Connect on PC, the company s platform. In this way, users can take advantage of this offer from today and until November 25 at 15: 00, Spanish peninsular time.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was launched back by 2005 to present ourselves an adventure in which a war of information was produced through blackouts in the city, sabotages in the Stock Exchange and attacks on national defense systems. The player, incarnating the protagonist spy of the delivery, must infiltrate the enemy base to collect useful information for the allies, as long as survive the different threats that await in that hostile and aggressive territory.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory FREE right now! [Ubisoft Connect]

Therefore, Ubisoft gives us a way to return to the adventures of Splinter Cell. And, although it is not the way we would like to return to the franchise, it never comes wrong to get a free game of the French company. From 3DGOGOS we have imagined how we would like to be a new delivery of Splinter Cell for the new generation of consoles, although Ubisoft has not confirmed anything at the moment. Until this expected announcement occurs, the saga is preparing for an animated series that would be released in the year 2023, so the history of the saga will go beyond video games.

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