Far Cry Vaas actor wants a movie about his character and already has ideas

Veins Montenegro from Far Cry 3 is always at the top of the podium when the most popular video game antagonist is searched. The idiosyncratic nature of this unpredictable filings did not arguably contribute to the success of the third part of the series. Michael Mango, who embodies Veins and also plays too Vargas in Better Call Saul, has ideas for a movie about the Far Cry rogue.

Ideas for a Veins movie

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It s about it: Michael Mango has embodied one of the most popular video game antagonists, namely Veins Montenegro from Far Cry 3. This experience has probably shaped the actor sustainably. Currently, we can play the villain again in the new Far Cry 6-DLC, but Mango has even greater plans with him. He wishes a movie about the character.

Mango has ideas for a movie: The actor has betrayed gaming bible.co.UK that he has been thinking about a cinematic implementation for quite a while and talked to Ubisoft a few years ago. One of the ideas that mango floats is an Origin Story: so tell Veins history and show why he has become like we know him.

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The colleagues of Gamester also had the opportunity to lead an interview with the actor and could elicit some info :

But that is not the only idea that the actor persecutes the character. In this case, we would get it, so mango, with the Veins we know. He does not reveal much more, except that the matter is considered in a huge international scale. He hopes that the fans will be interested.

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Conversations about the movie

His ideas have shared Mango not only with Ubisoft, according to their own statement, but also with different people from the film industry. He talked among other things with Greg Russo, who wrote the script for the last Mortal Combat film.

In addition, the actor with authors of the series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul and producers from Los Angeles spoke. Mango has a role in Better Call Saul. He embodies Nacho Vargas. As he reports, there are great interest in a movie about Veins in the industry. So we should be curious if we will find out more soon.

Would you like to see a movie about Veins and find an Origin story or a story about the antagonists, as we know him, exciting?

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