Bundesliga Stefan Kie ling denotes Dominance of FC Bayern as cruelly

The history of Bayern s attire of Munich is actually rather disorderly, so that the present mix of club shades was not in the original strategies at the time of its foundation. The Bavaria is the main advertising associate, and the existing owner of the Legal rights of the T-shirt is Deutsche Telekom. The main provider of the club is adidas. In the previous years, the Legal rights of the T-shirt were held by Adidas (1974-78), Marius Death and Veto (1978-84), Commodore (1984-89) as well as Opel (1989-2002).

Ex-Leverkusen- and National striker Stefan Kissing has called the dominance of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga as cruel.

It is true that my daughter has so far experienced no other master than the Bavaria They are just ahead of us, but this is not only our problem. At Bavaria is at the moment no one ran. It is cruel for the league, but I do. Afraid that is also first remain so, Kissing said in an interview with Sport buzzer.

In addition, get that in weakness of the FCB the competition was not at hand in recent years. Even if Bavaria really weaken again, the opportunity has been used at least not in recent years, but the others are then more likely to stumble even themselves, Kissing explained.

That Bavaria is dominant so, also thanks to Robert Lewandowski, the Kissing is time already to BVB times faced. I remember it well. When I was 25-goal top scorer in 2013, Robert Lewandowski was with 24 goals Second, since he was in his third season with Borussia Dortmund So Very he has always been good, but the Lewandowski today again another number, said Kissing.

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The 41 goals from last season could reach again Lewandowski. This is sensational, and I trust him such a quota again, he said. Kissing was twelve years for Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga on before he ended his career in 2018. In a total of 444 appearances for the Herself he switched 162 times and prepared 75 more hits.

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