Amar is currently the largest German streamer to Fortnite and No 3 worldwide what does he do

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There are many well-known streamers in the German-laden scene, including one in November 2021: Amar al-Hazmi. However, known everywhere as Amar. Who he is and what makes him so special, we show you here, with Mango.

Who is Amar? The name of the leading German twitch streamers to Fortnite is Amar al-Hazmi. He is 27 years old and comes from Hamburg. Amar is known as Influencer, Streamer, Moderator, Caster and Entertainer.

On Twitch he has 1.2 million followers and convinces in 3rd place worldwide in the field of Fortnite. Among the German-speaking streamers he enthroned in the last 7 days with a great distance in place 1.

He is at the time of acquainted twitch streamers such as Ninja or Fortnite professionals as Benjyfishy, ​​but is also significantly longer to continued to broadcast than the prominent competition. On average, Amar has a good 6000 spectators.

Amar analyzes, among other things, the game of the professionals of Fortnite

What makes Amar? He streams predominantly Fortnite. In his streams, it usually goes to their own matches or tournament analyzes. He looks through tournaments of Pro Gamer. He comments on this and that with his very personal touch. Furthermore, he always cares for a lot of variety, as he moderates his streams and videos lively.

Sometimes he also works with other personalities like Try macs. He also created a gaming show named Teammates. This was how blow the star built.

Amar and Try macs advised against well-known influencers such as UNSYMPATHETIC or MONTANABLACK. This show celebrated a great success.

What did Amar made before? 2016 he started as a professional player in Call of Duty. There he participated in many tournaments. He was in the team Impact and won the German championship in Munich in 2017.

After his victory, however, he put the pro-gaming aside and rather decided to moderate events or tournaments.

What makes him special? Look at his stream or his YouTube videos, one notices how much fun Amar has. His humorous nature and his spirited moderation provide a lot of tension in the tournaments.

He streams and supplies YouTube every day with his entertaining videos. When watching one feels a feeling to believe. You do not have to be a Fortnite professional to watch. Everyone is desirable and everyone is welcomed.

His moderation screw the tension up, so you have the feeling of being in the middle of it.

How successful is he with Fortnite? In the last three days, he has streamed a total of 30 hours for Fortnite, including 244,991 stored hours on stream material. In his Fortnite streams he gets most viewers with converted 7,172 average spectators. He also receives 16,166 spectators at once.

Amar has a watch time of a total of 280,271 hours in the last 7 days. And the hours streamed for only 41. This places in place worldwide in the Fortnite area on Twitch.

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Can you already be aimed? If so, do you pursue him daily on Twitch or YouTube? Let s know in the comments what you think of the former COD professional.

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