Report Peters and Neuendorf as DFB

In the power struggle for the presidential office in the German Football Association, one of the national associations has suggested a media report surprisingly Peter Peters and Bernd Bettendorf as candidates.

As the kicker reported, the 21 national associations could not agree on a common candidate for the choice of future DFB boss.

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Instead, the Westphalian football and athletics association (FLOW) should have nominated in a surprising step both the Middle Rhine boss and SPD politician Bettendorf as well as Peters, DFB interim president and still-supervisory board of the German Football League (DFL). There was no confirmation for that.

The president of the state and regional associations had insisted on a candidate from the amateur sector in finding a new DFB boss as successor to Fritz Keller.

Thus, the state representatives had pronounced Peters. The 59-year-old, who is currently working with the DFB together with Trainer Koch, had recently announced to agree only if he is proposed by a national association — which would be the case. As a candidate of the amateur camp Hitherto Bettendorf was considered.

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Actually, the amateur representatives wanted to name a common candidate until Monday. The Bundestag is elected on 11 March 2022 in Frankfurt / Main. A double peak reject the amateur representatives, now it could come to a fight candidacy between Peter and Bettendorf. Koch does not want to run for the office of the 1st Vice President.

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