Mass Effect All details and tracks of your new official image N7 Day poster

This weekend has been November 7. A very special day for fans of the Saga Mass Effect, because every year BioWare celebrates N7 Day, with ads or details related to the special opera that has made history in video games. This year the community did not expect a remastered trilogy because, finally, it arrived a few months ago. So we have given us a small appetizer of the next game of the saga.

Mass Effect was announced last year at La Gala The Game Awards Without too many details, more than a brief teaser and a bet of restarting the series, leaving aside Andromeda, the substage that did not end up fitting. Now, with this image Speculation in networks have begun to sound hard.

This official poster of the new Mass Effect leaves us several interesting details. It looks like a simple poster without much scratching but, if we look good, there are several aspects to take into account, such as that there are four people near the aforementioned ship with the intentions to address a crater we can see along the way. And also someone in front.

The fans have begun to delay what the image can show and although it is difficult to determine who they are, it seems that there is a brogan with at least one human ally, which would be the protagonist.

What is clear and is what has most revolutionized the community is that The crater has the shape of the Get. Although it is not known in what way, this race will be very important in the evolution of the events of the New delivery

Mass Effect N7 Day (2021) Geth Poster Revealed
Geth is a race of IA built by the quarries that began to evolve on their own. By having a higher capacity, the Guardians themselves tried to exterminate them, but the GET made an almost total genocide. A species that has marked the evolution of the game and the saga. And that he will continue to do so.

On the other hand, the ship has recorded the emblem SFX, which was the key name of the first Mass Effect, Acronym of Science Fiction X. It can be a simple wink, but also the path that exemplifies the restart of the license.

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