Mass Effect 5 Bioware works diligently at the new role playing game

Yesterday on November 7, 2021, the famous N7 Day for Bioware was to celebrate the Mass Effect franchise. Unfortunately, there were no news about the upcoming Mass Effect 5. Nevertheless, Bioware confirmed that you hardly work on the implementation of the new role-playing game, and you can not wait anymore, finally to meet the fans again personally on different gaming events.

And a day for the look forward

The N7 day was often an opportunity to talk about the future, both for Mass Effect and for the gaming industry. This year, the view into the future is even more valuable, as we celebrate another N7 day during a global pandemic, which is pretty much more in the industry and people in it.

I can not wait to answer the questions of the fans personally! Mac said. Whether it s now panels, autograph lessons or the Bioware Base… It s always fun to be with the fans in the room and let them ask everything they want.

It s always cool to meet franchise fans, Mike is true, and it s good to see how the games have influenced people s lives. I personally miss the cosplay. I still remember how many groups of Mass Effect CosPlayers gave it on San Diego Comic Con a few years ago. Furthermore, I want that to continue this way. And hopefully we can create new characters that everyone will love and continue tradition.

Of course we hardly work at the next adventure in the Mass Effect Universe. Until then, we would like to pronounce our modest thanks for having accompanied us on this journey. We know that we would not do it without her — neither on the N7 day nor any other day.

The N7 Day was published by the following graphic with some statistics:

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There is also the Mass Effect Legendary Edition for 41.99 euros on offer.

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