Mass Effect 5 an artwork and then goes away

Formalized at the December 2020 Game Awards, the return of the Mass Effect franchise remains a promise in the shape of stars dust for the moment. There was not much to get under the tooth for the N7 Day, which celebrates the 14th anniversary of the Science Fiction Franchise.

Failure to be more generous at this point, the bioware teams shared a new illustration of the next Mass Effect to admire a ship and a team of 4 characters, already seen on a previous illustration.

The Next Mass Effect - Official Teaser Trailer

Casey Hudson having left (yet) Bioware to found his own studio, note that Michael Gamble is project manager of the next Mass Effect since March 2019. He is part of the family from Mass Effect 2 and also worked on Anthem as a chief producer.

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Galactic cows are meant, but this year does not have the less special for Mass Effect fans who have been able to rediscover the trilogy of Commander Shepard last spring with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Bioware has shared some statistics for the curious.

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