Mass Effect 5 New picture puts fans in turmoil

After the new Mass Effect was announced last year, it remained silent for a while. Now Bioware and EA have published a new picture on which you can discover such a lot.

One of the theories around Mass Effect 5 states that the new part Mass Effect: Andromeda and the original trilogy will merge: 600 years after the end of Mass Effect 3 could Lara and such some well-known characters from the trilogy still live And — however — meet the Andromeda crew. After all, we have already seen Lara in the announcement teaser at the end of 2020.

NOAH SUCH? Here is the first teaser to Mass Effect 5:

What do you see on the new picture of Mass Effect 5?

On Twitter, Bioware and EA have now published a new artwork to the next Mass Effect part. Shooting a look — and zoom in to find a few details!

NEW Mass Effect Details - Bioware Hints at RETURN OF THE GETH?!

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On Reddit and Twitter, fans are already in the artwork to zoom in to find out few information about Mass Effect 5. Multiple in a Reddit thread, it was pointed out, that the big crater itself reminds of the eye of a get. In addition, the southern end of the crater is a corpse, which could also be a get from above (Source: Reddit).

Of course, the spaceship with the caption SFX and four people who seem to have left the crater. Here, the name of the ship is particularly striking: SFX was the original project in the development, which was later renamed to Mass Effect (Source: Reddit). A little Easter Egg?

Who are the four people who leave the spaceship? The widest person is pretty sure a Brogan. The front two figures could be people or human-like beings, and the backrest person next to the Brogan reminiscent of a Turin — by the wide shape of his shoulders.

By the way: As you certainly know, Brogans as well as Atari can live partly over 1000 years, which is why it would not be impossible for Lara to be very alive at times of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Grunt from the trilogy could also recur, while Trainers and Guardians normally become the 200 years old — a return of these characters from the trilogy is therefore very unlikely.

Why does the huge craters act like the Andromedantic head of a get? And who are the people next to the ship? Could it actually be around Grunt and Lara ? Many question about Mass Effect 5 are still unclear so far, but who knows — maybe you still discover a few secrets in artwork?

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