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After the disaster that was Mass Effect Andromeda, the series entered a rest stage for years. Fortunately, this changed when last year it was announced that a new delivery was already under development. Although we have not had some kind of news since then, today was shared a new look at this work thanks to a poster.

As part of the celebrations of the N7 Day, date where BioWare celebrates the Mass Effect series together with the fans, a new poster of the next game in the series has been shared. If you are a fan of the saga, Surely you will spend hours and hours exploring even the smallest pixel in search of tracks. This was what was commented about:

Of course, we are working hard on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe. Until then, they accept our most humble thanks for accompanying us on this trip. We know we could not do it without you, nor on day N7 or anywhere else.

Unfortunately, the poster is all we have at the moment, and it seems that EA and BioWare are not yet ready to show some gameplay or trailer. Hopefully this will change next year. On related topics, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has exceeded EA expectations. Similarly, the next game in the series could use Unreal Engine.

#2 Mass Effect Legendary Edition w/ Bryan & Amelia of Dechart Games

Editor s note:

The new Mass Effect has the potential to eliminate the bad taste of mouth that left Andromeda. However, this is not a simple task, and BioWare needs to invest all the time necessary to make this a reality. We only have to wait.

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