Call of Duty Vanguard detalla su modo Zombies

Like most games call of duty in recent years, Vanguard will feature a zombie mode that will allow players to open a new chapter about Dark Aether titled der Anfang As the activision itself informed recently, the events of the latter will take place before the Black Ops Cold War and will have Oberführer Wolfram von List. Obviously, the Zombies mode will introduce letters, but also Assets, weapons and objectives to be fulfilled While a surge of living dead people await us without ceasing.

Vanguard details his zombies mode with history, characters and gameplay

The history antagonist is called Oberführer Wolfram von List and seems to be possessed by the forces of evil, specifically by Kortifex immortal. He has an army under the control of him and only has an idea in mind: destroying the earth. To counteract the latter, we will find some officers that we already met through the Vanguard campaign, among others Kingsley and Polina. To the side of him, there will be certain entities that can go on the help of him: i nviktor the destroyer, bellekar the sorcerer, norticus the conqueror and saraxis shadow. They will have artifacts with very specific powers:

The dragon of Saraxis : It causes an explosion of ether.
Mask of Bellekar : Cover players from Dark Aether so that they may seem invisible to enemies.
Sword of Inviktor : Unleash a ring ring that increases damage to nearby allies.
The Horn of Norticus : invokes an icy whirlwind that inflicts damage to enemies.

New powers: Altar of the Pacts

The cod zombies: Vanguard will introduce a new function called The altar of the Pacts, a system that will offer a variety of weapons improvements (32 in total) and with the ability to introduce 3 in One and with different levels of rarity. For example, you can choose Ammunition Gremlin to recharge non-equipped weapons, putrefaction to transform certain zombies into allies or hostile lands to defend a specific point and objectives.

Drinks change name but not style

The assets, available in the different soft drink machines, will benefit Vanguard from a new system that will replace the names we all know as Juggenog or Daiquiri Mortel. In total, we will have the right to 5 assets:

Diabolic integral : Increase health.
Diabolic damage : Increase critical damage.
Vigor poisonous : Increase the rate of health regeneration.
Demonic Frenzy : Increase the recharge speed.
Etérea haste : Increase the speed of movement.

To facilitate new players to Vanguard Zombies, Treyarch has planned some predefined classes so that this new adventure has a good start. In addition, with the introduction of the altar, we will have a wide variety of options to prepare better for battle. However, if after a while, you decide to change a weapon, you will have to depend on dead enemies since there will be no more available on the walls. However, it will always be our dear Mysterious Box, and the improvement machine to improve our arsenal.

Modern Warfare II Leak, Vanguard Zombies NO Easter Egg, & FINAL Cold War Update!

Back home for Christmas

Now let s talk a little about the different maps that will be available. The trailer has raised the veil over one of them, without a doubt one of the most famous: Shi No Numa. Present in the trailer, the players can be killed again zombies in this old male so dear. In addition, other letters will allow us to go to the ruins of Stalingrad, as well as Merville and Paris. Undoubtedly, we will have more details to share in the coming days for Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies.

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