Pok mon Go Field Research in November 2021

Every month, the makers of Pokemon Go rotate the pocket monsters from the field research. The November 2021 launch and that s why we deliver you a handy overview of the Pokémon, which you can get hold of the research in this month. Some of them fit de Muertos to the aftermath of Halloween and Día, others prepare you forward to the upcoming festivities to light festival with Dedenne and the celebration of the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Bright Bright Pearl ago.

Fieldwork for the research breakthrough

Using the fieldwork you come of course, not only on Pokémon, but lay on top of that also stamp for the research breakthrough that rewards you since the evening of November 1 with an encounter with Skallyk. Pummel the bird there was so far mainly only from the 12km-eggs, which in turn can carry off Team Rocket.

How does it work with the research breakthrough? Seven different days you have each a field research done to collect a stamp for the reward box of the research breakthrough. In seven stamps the box can then be opened and you get some nice goodies. But what about the field work? the overview of the research with Pokémon rewards and which can be got hold of it also as Shiny of you below.

Pokémon Go: Fieldwork November 2021

Event research we have in the list left outside. The pocket monsters that can get you to the light festival of research, you can see in our guide to the event.

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NOVEMBER 2021 Event Breakdown In Pokémon GO! | Research, Raids, Spotlight Hours & Community Day!

Catch 5 Pokémon with weather Boost | Quapsel (water), Hippopotas (floor), Snover (ice / plant) or Vulpix (fire) | Yes
Catch a Pokemon type dragon | Dratini (dragon) or Bagon (Dragon) | Yes
Catch 3 crypto Pokémon | Lickitung (Normal) | Yes
Catch Pokémon 7 | Magikarp (water) or Lampi (water / electricity) | Yes
Develop a Pokemon | Eevee (Normal) | Yes
Landing three great shots | Snubbull (Fee), Anorith (rock / beetle) or Lileep (rock / plant) | Yes
Landing three fabulous throws | Beldum (steel / Psycho) | Yes
Landing three fabulous throws in a row | Gible (Dragon / soil) | Yes
Landing three great throws in a row | Onix (rock / soil) | Yes
Landing five great curve balls in a row | Spinda (Normal) | Yes
5 landing good shots | Dunsparce (Normal) | Yes
Level Pokémon 3 times | Bulbasaur (Plant / poison), Squirtle (water) or Charmander (fire) | Yes
Level Pokémon 5 times | Endive (Plant), Cyndaquil (Fire) or Totodile (Water) | Yes
Level Pokémon 7 times | Treecko (Plant), Torchic (fire) or Mudkip (water) | Yes
Level Pokémon 5 times | Mega-energy for Venusaur Blastoise or |
Level Pokémon 5 times | Mega-energies for Bibor |
Use 5 Himmihbeeren when catching Pokémon | Misdreavus (spirit) | Yes
5 gifts will mail | Watt Zapf (Beetle / electric) | no
Swap a Pokemon | Machoke (fight) | no
Win a raid in less than 60 seconds | Ninetales (fire) | no
Gains 1 Level 3 or higher Raid | Kabuto or Omanyte (both rock / water) | Yes
Win 5 Raids | Aerodactyl (rock / flight) | Yes
Give your buddy 3 Snacks | Slowpoke (water / Psycho) | Yes
Win a fight trainer in martial League | Shieldon (rock / steel) | no
Make two snapshots of a wild electric Pokémon | Magnemite (electric / steel) | Yes
Take a screenshot of a wild Pokémon | Murkrow (Unlicht / flight), Hopp shoot (plant / flight) or Yanma (beetles / flight) | Yes (except Hopp shoot)

Earn 2 candy while walking | Scoppel (Normal) | Yes
Earn 3 candy while walking with your buddy | Flunschlik (floor / electric) | no
Use 10 very effective charging attacks | Mega-energies for Manectric |
Turn 3 PokéStops or Arena | Sudowoodo (rock) or Baltoy (soil / Psycho) | Yes
Turn 5 PokéStops or Arena | Ralts (Psycho / Fairy) | Yes
Hatch 1 egg | Mantax (water / air) | no
Hatch 2 eggs | Beldum (steel / Psycho) | Yes
Hatch 3 eggs | Chansey (Normal) | Yes
Over 2 km | Fleknoil (Psycho / flight) | no

We wish you much fun while hunting!

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