Masahiro Sakurai does not imagine the future of Smash without him

Over the generations the living incarnation of Super Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai makes the subject of all attentions now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate welcomed Sora, his ultimate additional fighter.

Passage in Famitsu, Masahiro Sakurai could not escape the inevitable question about the future of Smash and the role he still intends to play after completing his vision Ultimate on Switch. If its first reflex is to repeat Imposible several times in a row, the commercial logic finally shoots him to declare that neither he or nintendo have decided yet to follow on the continuation. I can not affirm with certainty that it s the end of Smash, does it recognize everything without surprising worldwide.

After the colossal content of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate In terms of characters, Masahiro Sakurai considers that it is not possible to realize another episode as well or even more supplied. It would therefore be necessary to find another orientation, the risk of disappointing the users, he dreads.

Masahiro Sakurai, 51, however, is animated by a certainty: no question of transmitting the responsibility of the direction of a Smash to someone else. I do not currently see any way to produce Smash without me. To tell the truth, I would like to be able to entrust this role to someone else and we have already tried, but it did not work, reveal-T- he.

Recall if needed that the franchise Smash appeared on all Nintendo platforms since birth on Nintendo 64. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is still far from having finished its road, approached the 25 million copies distributed in the world as at June 30, 2021, which makes it the third largest success of the Switch after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe And Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Note that this week marks the end of the collaboration between Masahiro Sakurai and Famitsu, reviewed in which it was a regular contributor for many years, sharing its reflections and experiences related to the video game industry. From now on, he says, his priority is to be forgotten some time, taking care still not to disappear from the spirits. For that at least, Sakurai can sleep quiet.

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